Pacesetter has a reputation for being rugged, easy-to-use, with open architecture, state-of-the-art control systems designed specifically for any Flexo folder, glue, printer slotted or rotary die cutter.

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Pacesetter 63 – controlling the high graphic machines with many set-up axes.

Pacesetter 39 – for 39 axes of control.

Mini-Pacesetter – for simpler machines with fewer controllable axes.

The Pacesetter can be specified on any new finishing equipment or retrofitted to any machine with motorised adjustments.

  1. If you make Pacesetter the only system in your plant you can have a common link between your management system and each of your converting machines.
  2. With declining skills levels and turnover of staff you don’t have to worry about which employees are trained on which system – every Pacesetter controlled machine will be familiar to everyone.
  3. Pacesetters are open architecture industrial computers – they are the rugged cousin of the standard IBM compatible PC.
  4. Great networking capacity means you can have control over the entire finishing line rather than just the core and converting machine.
  5. It’s a low cost upgrade to any existing control system.

We provide full support for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  We can install, commission, train and provide after sales support.  We also hold a complete spare parts inventory.

We provide support for virtually any language.

We save you money – because our systems are single focus, we help you avoid unnecessary design and support overheads.

Fast to set up, easy to use, with a large job memory, remembered positions and automatic press re-timing – our customers report a high return on investment.